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Superior Dockside Repair in San Diego & Surrounding Areas
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Whether you are still in the planning stage or have already purchased a new (to you) congratulations are in order!

if you wish to hear a competent advice from a third-party with no vested interest in the transaction we can provide you with critical information that will help you make educated decisions about your boat. we will likely start with determining what you plan to do with your boat and move from there, we will cover the following and expand on every aspect so... 

  • Do you plan to sail around the world? Or just explore locally?

  • Are you looking for the quiet exhilaration of a sailing yacht? Or the adrenaline-inducing inertia of a motor yacht?

  • Will you be solo Or will the entire family be joining you?

  • Is this a business investment Or a long-dreamed-of adventure? 

We are here to escort you through the process and ensure you are buying something that will serve you and your interests. Our extensive exposure to a variety of types and brands of vessels can contribute and enrich the knowledge you already have when you choose your vessel and head to the negotiation table. 

We can provide insight into: 

  • how well a boat will sail.

  • whether the boat build & design is safe or has some inherent flaws

  • the differences between the many types, and what you should or shouldn't expect from it

  • is the will serve you long term goals or just cover the short term. 


Unfortunately, we find people in the industry thinking they bought one thing and realizing its another. Regretting what you have purchased is an awful feeling no matter in what industry it is. 

It is our goal to try to match every buyer with the right boat.

Buying a boat is not only buying a new means of transportation, but it is also the key to a whole new world (70% to be more specific) and it can be great fun or an utter failure. Knowledge is the decisive factor.  

Once you've narrowed your choices down, we can help make recommendations for surveyors to vet the boat before you buy. In some cases, you may need more than one surveyor or a surveyor that specializes in things like wooden boats, catamarans, or diesel engines. The key is to have as much information at your fingertips as possible to make the best decision on your next boat.



Our job is to get you as much of that information as we can. Your satisfaction is our primary concern. Plus, let's be frank, making you happy is good for business!

New Boat Purchase Consult

Our Customers Love Us. You Will Too.

Ethan’s knowledge base exceeded my expectations. He demonstrated professionalism-and provided excellent marine improvement/repair services that were completed in a timely manner-paying very close attention to detail.

We would HIGHLY recommend SeaNergy. Had a few boats, tried many companies......but Ethan and his company are Superior to All! Extremely knowledgeable, reliable, professional and prompt.

He came highly recommended, and true to the recommendation, his services so far have been top-notch. I applaud his professionalism, patience and top service provided so far on our first trip to the Bahamas in our new vessel. I don't hesitate to recommend Ethan and his company to anyone!

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