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Yacht Management


SeaNergy offers worry-free monthly yacht management programs for vessel over 65 foot.  We have maintained yachts and provided superior customer service for over 2 decades.  Contact us today at (619) 717-0102 to schedule service or discuss a monthly yacht management program that is right for you.

Ethan Barr, Owner

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While the old saying, "if it isn't broken don't fix it" is true for many things, it isn't a good practice for the marine industry. 

Why Do I Need Yacht Management?

Being ahead of the curve is the key to owning a boat. Having your pride and joy being submerged in water and exposed to the elements causes a lot of wear. This is doubly true for boats floating in saltwater environments.

We have all been there and when things do break, it usually happens at the worst possible moment when we don't have the tools or the time to repair it.

That's not why you bought a boat, right? 

With scheduled boat maintenance or bespoke yacht management arrangements, we can make sure your vessel is ready to go when you are. Never miss a day on the water!


How Simple Service Items Can Protect Your Investment

Let's Talk Corrosion


Saltwater is known to eat away at metals. If left unprotected, your propeller, engine, and rigging can end up being destroyed. Taking a simple step of replacing the anodes on a regular basis and flushing the loop where they circulate can save a lot of money. Whether it is installed on the hull or in your engine, any saltwater loop will last longer when serviced.  

Let's Talk Mechanical Wear


Any moving parts that produce heat due to friction will ultimately wear down. Lubricants, such as engine oil, gear oil, or the grease within your grinding winch and shaft bearing are what protect your investment. They lengthen the life-span of your equipment, so they must be changed often to continue to protect your vessel.  

Most people don't know this, but lubricants must be changed not only when the equipment reaches certain hours of operation by also time overall. For example, your equipment manuals will instruct you to change the oil every 50 hours or 6-months, whichever comes sooner.


Remember: everything has an expiration date! 

Executing your scheduled maintenance will save you money, time, and frustration. It can be a simple task as replacing anodes, batteries, flushing your engines, coating your rigging with silicone, re-greasing your winches, cleaning you thru-hull valves, changing your engine oil, etc.

Let our experienced team of professionals write up a comprehensive yacht maintenance plan to protect your investment so that you never lose time on the water.

Call us today to schedule a time to visit: 619-717-0102.

Scheduled Maintenance

Our Customers Love Us. You Will Too.

Ethan’s knowledge base exceeded my expectations. He demonstrated professionalism-and provided excellent marine improvement/repair services that were completed in a timely manner-paying very close attention to detail.

We would HIGHLY recommend SeaNergy. Had a few boats, tried many companies......but Ethan and his company are Superior to All! Extremely knowledgeable, reliable, professional and prompt.

He came highly recommended, and true to the recommendation, his services so far have been top-notch. I applaud his professionalism, patience and top service provided so far on our first trip to the Bahamas in our new vessel. I don't hesitate to recommend Ethan and his company to anyone!

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